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Civil Force Training is a Division of Macquarie Commercial College (RTO No: 3923)
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Student Special Needs

As part of our Pre-training Review, our Students with Special Needs policy sets out the principles that underpin MCC’s approach to identifying student learning needs and developing strategies to support those students before and throughout their training.

MCC shall:
  1. Identify particular special needs (in areas such as literacy, numeracy, English language or physical capabilities) of each learner that would be required to complete each course
  2. Develop strategies to make support available where gaps are identified
  3. Provide appropriate support to each individual learner and their particular special needs
  4. Make reasonable adjustment.

MCC Training and Assessment Strategy (“TAS”) accommodates individuals with special learning needs which are reflected in our student support policies that occur at:

  1. pre-enrolment,
  2. training and assessment and
  3. post completion.

Our Learner Support diagram details our student support structure (see Schedule 1). Apart from our policy, procedures and forms our staff reinforce this framework to ensure quality student support services are delivered and learner needs clearly identified. MCC offers all individuals the opportunity to undertake our Skills Pathway Program to improve their LLN and assist with closing any gaps.

MCC has offered reasonable adjustment for learners with special needs that include
  1. allow oral questioning for theory assessments submissions (for example oral responses allowed)
  2. access to larger plant and equipment to accommodate physical limitations
  3. free LLN improvement program for prospective learners (Pathway Program)

Special learner needs once identified shall see reasonable adjustment applied by MCC where appropriate without impacting on the competency standard expected. MCC makes reasonable adjustment and contextualises assessments for those that are visual and kinesthetic learners and/or have other special needs. Resources to implement these requirements are delivered at no additional fee to the student.

MCC works with Apprenticeship Support Network Providers including Apprencticeships Matter, Victorian Employers’ Chamber of Commerce and Industry (“VECCI”) and Job Search Agency providers including Workskil and St Laurence as well as associations such as Female Apprentice Network Australia (FANELLE). MCC promotes equity through scholarships, working with female apprenticeship newtwork and those in financial hardship.

MCC Learner Support Structure