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Civil Force Training is a Division of Macquarie Commercial College (RTO No: 3923)
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Pre-enrolment Information

The Pre-enrolment information pack is delivered to all prospective students as part of the Pre-training review process.

MCC Suitability and Appropriateness of Student Training 2017
Pre-training overview

Our Pre-training Review includes an assessment of current competencies, both prior to the interview and at the interview. (including language, literacy and numeracy skills; assessment of competencies previously required and proposed learning strategies) of each prospective student.

MCC shall outline to each prospective student the pre-enrolment process it undertakes to ensure that Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is assessed prior to structured training commencing. This also includes undertaking a language, literacy and numeracy (LLN) assessment through a range of suitable questions to ensure the appropriate course is recommended, given your level of LLN.


MCC ensures that the qualification in which the student is enrolling is the most appropriate training option by conducting a series of questions during the pre-training review including:

  • What is your ideal job?
  • What do you want to work as?
  • What do you do now?
  • What study would you like to do to get there?
  • Have you applied for jobs in this area?

If you have any further questions regarding the suitability of a course, prior to your interview and pre-training review, please contact MCC.

Modification and Contextualisation Overview

If during the pre-training review or subsequently during a structured training program it is identified that modification (Contextualization) is required then a recommendation shall be made to the student.

Contextualisation means that we can create learning/assessment opportunities that are more relevant to our learner. When we do this, we link the Unit of Competency to the client’s needs using language that they understand.

Complaints and Appeals

Please read our policies in this area and call CFT if you have any further questions.
Furthermore, please visit, Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) website which contains information about making a compliant which can be found at

Please note that ASQA can only deal with complaints that concern:

1. The information provided by an RTO about its course/s
2. The delivery and assessment of training received
3. The qualifications issued or to be issued.

Pre-enrolment Information Pack

All latest policies and procedures can also be found on Macquarie Commercial College Website

Course Delivery Options

Civil Force Training is only available to students in a classroom and on-site delivery mode, either the student’s employers or at our own Skills Training centres (see below).  Our Classroom Workshops are designed to provide hands on assistance and guidance through the course and are conducted in an environment that promotes discussion and sharing of ideas leading to genuine learning outcomes. It is expected that participants study and work through their Learning Manuals before attending the workshops, bringing with them the main issues that they would like to discuss. Students may select from a range of classroom workshops that are scheduled and published on the Civil Force website. There is no limit to the number of times a student can attend the same workshop.

Classroom Workshops

Students can decide to undertake our Classroom Workshops on a face-to-face basis. Our Classroom Workshop option is a value-added learning tool and is a skill-based program moderated by Facilitators responsible for delivering and assessing knowledge and skills.  Our interactive classroom based Classroom Workshops are the fastest way to help achieve and complete the Assessment Booklet in a tutorial environment.  Our Trainers are skilled at making the classroom experience interactive, providing real life examples to stimulate interest.

Civil Skills Training Centres

Our Training Centres provide a variety of classroom situations for theory training and simulated practical training areas for hands on practical skills practice in a closely controlled and supervised environment.