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How will you be assessed?

The theory units are assessed as open book assessments, and all practical assessments are conducted on live worksites.

MCC provides orally and in writing, the assessment condition instructions for theory and practical assessments. This occurs prior to enrolment as part of pertaining review which are also detailed on our website as well as by the trainer immediately prior to these assessments being conducted.  In addition, written assessment condition instructions are contained in the learner resources in various locations of the theory assessment booklets, practical assessment tasks and learner guides.

This test requires you to demonstrate the skills and knowledge required for this unit of competency. The test has been divided into 2 main parts:

  1. Theory Assessment.
  2. Practical Assessment.

1. Theory Assessment

Your assessor will decide with you whether you will complete the theory assessment in an oral or written open book format.

  • If you complete the assessment orally, your assessor will record your answers for you using a suitable method at an appropriate time, prior to attempting the practical assessment. You are required to sign-off on the recorded answers to indicate that they have accurately captured your response.
  • If you undertake a written assessment, you must write your own answers using the assessment tool provided.
  • In the event that the trainer determines that an oral examination may take the place of a written assessment in part or in whole then the trainer can write in their own hand writing in the students oral response in the assessment booklet space provided. The trainer in these circumstances should either sign next to the written response their name and date and or on the front page of the assessment booklet provided.
Conditions of Assessment 
  1. You will have a reading time minutes before starting the assessment.
  2. During this time, you are allowed to ask the assessor about any questions in the assessment that you do not understand.
  3. You will then Sit the assessment and answer the questions. You must attempt all questions. If you cannot complete the assessment in the stated time you may be given more time at the discretion of the assessor. Note this may be a factor in assessing overall competency.
  4. All questions must be answered without any assessor or other classroom student assistance. You may use any references, books or course notes.
  5. You may use a calculator during the assessment, provided it is not a scientific calculator.
  6. Your assessor will check your answers after you have finished and ask you to explain anything that is unclear.
Achieving a Satisfactory Outcome

In order to achieve a satisfactory outcome for the theory assessment you will need to:

  • Complete all questions correctly.
  • Demonstrate sufficient knowledge of the subject.
  • Use reasonable methods or considerations in coming to the answers.
  • Correctly explain principles when questioned by your assessor in the instance where your original answer is unclear.

2. Practical Assessments