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Civil Force Training is a Division of Macquarie Commercial College (RTO No: 3923)
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MCC’s Quality Assurance Framework to ensure the quality of its operations and its training are maintained above an appropriate standard. Quality assurance refers to the planning, policies, attitudes, actions, and procedures necessary to ensure that quality is being maintained and enhanced. MCC has actions, policies, procedures, decision and monitoring activities to endure the continuous improvement of quality throughout all aspects of MCC operations occurs. All staff are responsible for identifying opportunities to improve quality in areas relating to their position.

Our Continuous improvement activities are monitored and recorded in our Quality Compliance Calendar and are incorpoated in our CPD Calendar activities. These Calendars are administered by senior staff and provide guidance to ensure all staff maintain a focus on quality training.

The MCC Quality Compliance Calendar maps out the structure, key quality and compliance events and activities, and details the documents, meetings and feedback required that need to be performed to ensure requisite quality standard is maintained.  Our CPD Calendar details the ongoing professional development and training that is required by staff to perform to ensure quality improvements occur that are identifed from our industry engagement.

Our senior staff members, namely RTO Manager, CFO, COO, Training Manager, Compliance manager, IT Manager and  Facilities manager form the leadership team to ensure quality training is achieved.  

MCC’s Quality Assurance Framework is the integrated system of operational and governance structures outlined in our MCC Governance Charter.  This Charter provides a solid foundation for management and oversight of MCC through a series of interlinking areas of responsibility with specific responsibilities and position descriptions. 

The management structure of MCC enhances independence of key functions of its operations by the separation of duties and reporting lines to the CEO.  The operational areas of finance and accounting, Facilities and Compliance report to the CEO directly whereas sales, marketing, student welfare, training and assessment and student administration report independently and directly to the COO maximising the opportunities for improvements. 

Each manager and staff member is provided with a position description outlining key responsibities. MCC Organisation chart provides the management structures that supports and promotes quality. MCC is a non profit company limited by guarantee and therefore has no owners/shareholders with all profits reinvested into its operations to promote quality.