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Complaints and Appeals

Please read our policies in this area and call CFT if you have any further questions.
Furthermore, please visit, Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) website which contains information about making a compliant which can be found at—domestic-students/make-a-complaint—domestic-students1.html

Please note that ASQA can only deal with complaints that concern:

  1. the information provided by an RTO about its course/s
  2. the delivery and assessment of training received
  3. the qualifications issued or to be issued.
Complaints and Appeals processes

CFT is committed to:

  • Providing Due process to all students
  • Ethical and responsible management
  • Transparency in its decision-making process
  • A visible, accessible and fair complaints process.

Interactions between staff and students are many and varied. CFT recognises that critical feedback is part of the continuous improvement process so that the quality of education and training is enhanced. If a student feels they have experienced unreasonable treatment, disadvantage or distress that needs to be resolved.

All students are entitled to due process which includes a right to a fair hearing. We ensure this occurs, the following has been determined:

  • If a student believed they have not been fairly treated, their rst approach should be to discuss their concerns with their trainer
  • The trainer should note their concerns and assist the student to resolve them
  • If the student is unable to approach the trainer because the problem exists between the student and trainer, or because the problem is of a personal nature, the student should speak to the Branch Manager
  • All student complaints will be documented using the Student Complaints Form. Complainants will have access to this documentation
  • If the student makes a formal complaint in writing, the complaint will be viewed by CFT RTO Manager (or nominee) within (5) business days of receipt and a response will be forwarded to the student within a further ten (10) business days notifying of result and/or any further action
  • If the complaint is found to be unsubstantiated, the matter will be closed and considered resolved
  • If the complaint is found to be substantiated, CFT will take appropriate action to ensure that the issue raised does not recur
  • Should the matter be unresolved, the student should contact the General Manager in order or reach a resolution
  • Should the matter still remain unresolved, CFT’s CEO may appoint an independent arbitrator to review
    the dispute.

It is the responsibility of the student to discuss any complaints with CFT personnel before taking the complaint outside of the organisation. All concerns will be handled in the strictest con dence and, if necessary, the student will be referred to expert help outside the organisation. No information or documentation that the student has provided will be handed over to an outside organisation without their permission. The lodging of a complaint will not affect a student’s ability to continue studying or receiving other services they are eligible for from CFT.

Assessment Decision Appeals
(see Appeals Procedure and Process)

Should you have any concerns about the assessment process or your results you can ask for a review, and you also have a right of appeal.

Stage 1 – Informal procedures
Stage 2 – Formal Procedure
Stage 3 – Appealing a complaints decision
Stage 4 – External arbitration

Step 1 – Discuss any concerns with your trainer or the Training Manager.
An appeal provides a formal opportunity for a student to have an academic decision reassessed. Any appeal regarding an assessment will be treated ethically and investigated thoroughly and dealt with according to the merits of the appeal.

Step 2 – Appeals must be lodged and submitted in writing using Student Assessment Appeal Form within twenty-one (21) business days of the assessment to the Training Manager.

If you are not satisfied with the way your complaint has been handled then contact the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA).

ASQA can deal with complaints about:

  • the information provided to you by CFT about the course’s you are interested in
  • the delivery and assessment of the training you have received
  • the qualifications you have or have not been issued.

If you are unsatis ed with the decision of any formal complaint which cannot be followed up with ASQA please contact the RTO Manager who will advise you of the options for accessing assistance from an independent authority.