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Civil Force Training is a Division of Macquarie Commercial College (RTO No: 3923)
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Civil Skills Training Centers

Our Training Centers provide a variety of classroom situations for theory training and simulated practical training areas for hands on practical skills practice in a variety of plant and equipment in a closely controlled and supervised environment.

Skills Training Center Site Rules:
  • All Private vehicles of students or visitors must park in the designated car park or on the side street.
  • All students are to report to reception prior to entering training area.
  • All students shall be supplied with High Visibility Vests which must be worn at all times.
  • All safety signs are to be strictly adhered to (that includes speed limits, designated walk areas, smoking areas, Personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements, other policies and procedures etc.)
  • Any damage, accidents, near misses or any other health and safety issue must be reported to management.
  • Please ensure you keep the training centre clean and tidy.
  • All persons shall not engage in any inappropriate conduct including, fighting, horseplay, practical jokes or rowdiness will not be tolerated at any time on or near the site.
  • Emergency personnel shall as directed by a nominated safety coordinator and proceed to emergency evacuation area.